Greetings from midcoast Maine.  My name is Chuck, and I like small boat sailing.  I play music and fix PCs for hobbies and have two machines in my shop running virus scans and disk utilities as I write this.  But mostly I like to think up new mods for Second Sight and make videos of how she sails around the Penobscot Bay.  I’ve had a few larger sailboats and loved them, but often wondered why having fun was always so much work.  So I got into microcruising,  although I’ll admit my O’Day 20 Second Sight  is on the maxi side of micro, at least  from a purist’s point of view.  The UK’s Dinghy Cruising Association folks are my heroes on that score!

Be sure to view the sailing and boat mod videos of me, my lab retriever Buddy, and Second Sight on the Penobscot Bay, midcoast  Maine, USA.   Click on the tabs above to see videos by subject or just click on any of the quick links on the right.  You can view them full screen by clicking on the box in the lower right corner of the video player.  You can change the resolution as well in the pull-up menu a little further to the left.

I’ve been very fortunate to have production suggestions from Dylan Winter, creator of  http://www.keepturningleft.co.uk .  He didn’t have a choice – I recognized his expertise and adopted him, more or less by storm.  Help me repay his kindness by visiting his Keep Turning Left site at the above link.  Then subscribe.  It is unquestionably the best sailing video site on the planet and enjoyable even if you aren’t a sailor!  It’s also the best value in professionally produced video you’ll ever find.

I hope you enjoy my productions and let me know about it.

Best regards,

Chuck Yahrling



  1. I singned-up, so take me for a sail!

  2. bless you my son…. Dylan Winter

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