Sailboat Lightning Strike:  A 29 foot Newport sailboat gets sizzled on the hard.

Guildive Cruises:  a pretty, vintage excursion yacht visits Searsport Harbor.  Regularly scheduled and custom cruises are offered.

Searsport Harbor Prepares for Hurricane Irene: Scenes of yacht and commerical boats preparing for the worst.

2 PM EDT Update from Searsport Harbor:  Some shots from the town dock and a few miles inland.  The town ordered all boats removed from the moorings; some are on the hard in the car park, waiting to relaunch soon, probably Monday.  The worst will be over by midnight tonight.

TS Irene: Sunday Night and Aftermath:  Electrical power went off about 3:30 PM EDT so I went outside to inspect the yard.  Lots of leaves and tree branches scattered all over.  I came back inside and lit the oil lamp and turned on the police and fire scanner to see what else was going on.  Lots of wind damage causing wires and trees down across roads within a mile or two of my residence.

Monday AM Buddy and I went down to the harbor to see if there was any news.  Only one boat was reported damaged in Belfast Harbor.  A tanker and a large yacht had anchored in the lee of a headland in Belfast Bay.  The tankers usually moor in the roads a few miles to the east as they come in or out of the Searsport fuel transfer port.


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